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Anyone wishing to sell items or advertise their services at the Unit 447 Homeschool Swap Meetup should contact swapmeetup@unit447.com and ask to be added to the vendor list.

Vendors are asked to make a donation to the host organization, Unit 447.  Donation amount is up to you, but as a guideline, $5 or 5% of sales is a good starting point.  Donation amounts are tax deductable, just see the Welcome table for a receipt.  A portion of the donation will also go to the host church, St Michael's.

If you don't need table space, but would rather mill about and network with your fellow homeschoolers, that's fine too. 

If you would like to lead a seminar or be a part of our Homeschool Resources discussion, please contact swapmeetup@unit447.com.  

If you have an activity or demonstration, that is great!  You are welcome to use a side room (if available) to get some extra space.  Just be sure to clean up and return things back to where they were.

The swap meetup will be held in the church annex.  Vendor table space and locations will be on a first come, first serve basis.  The church has about 25 tables and plenty of chairs.  You would be wise to bring a spare table just in case we need extra.  If we run out of indoor space, the plan is to spill out into the parking lot.  The church has 10 easy-up tents for us to use, but you're welcome to bring your own. 

The parking lot is gravel, so it dollies might not be your best choice to move things inside.  We will have some boy scouts available to help you cart your wares inside.  A hand truck might be the lugging device of choice.  We will have a few available.

Please contact the event coordinator, Mr. Tim Beavers (swapmeetup@unit447.com) to sign up on our vendor list or if you have any questions.