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Is this event open to the public or just for Boy Scouts?
This a public event!  All are welcome, but we suggest that you have an interest in homeschooling.  BSA Unit 447 is simply hosting the event as a community service.  We are also very thankful to St Michael's for allowing us to hold the event.

What can we sell!
Anything!  Homeschool items are the focus, but if you want to combine garage sale items with your wares, that's fine!  You are also allowed to sell retail merchandise as well (Mary Kay, etc).  One exception: no food sales - the cafe is an important fundraiser for our Frontier Girls troop.

Do you provide tables and chairs?
Yes.  But there is a limited supply of tables (plenty of chairs).  So bring a few spare tables and keep them in the car unless and until they are needed.  Make sure your names are on the tables!

Will I need a tent?
We plan on fitting all of our vendors and sellers in the Church annex.  But if turnout exceeds our expectations, we'll be forced to have some folks set up outside in our overflow area.  The church has 10 easy-up tents for our use, but I don't know their size or condition.  So, if you have room in your car, it might be wise to bring your fave easy-up.  You'll pull it out only if you feel it's necessary.  The church area is quite shady with lots of mature trees.  Check the weather the night prior for any chance of rain.

I'd like to sell, who do I contact?
email swapmeetup@unit447.com and ask to be put on the Vendor list.  In the same email, let us know generally what you'll be selling or promoting.  If you'd like to be added to the "Homeschool Resources"  list, mention that as well.

What do Vendors need to know?
All the Vendor particulars can be found on the Vendors page.

Should I bring the kids?
Absolutely!   We'll have lots of activities for them to do.